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US ETF Assets Surpass 3 Trillion Dollars!

ETFs continue to shine, surpassing $3 Trillion in overall assets.  After setting record flows for each of the past 3 years (2014-2016), flows in ETFs thus far in 2017 have already set the record again, with over $300 billion in flows year to date. ETFs saw flows of $241B in 2014, $245B in 2015 and $288B …

ETF Balance

In finance, as in life, balance is everything. Index investing often seeks the sweet spot that balances exposure and precision. For example, the Toroso ETF Industry Index (Ticker: TETF Index) has constituents from virtually every part of the ETF ecosystem. There are liquidity providers and market makers. There are custodians, trading platforms, and distributors. There are exchanges …

ETF Deep Ecosystem

The growth in the ETF Industry over the past decade – in April, total global ETF assets topped $4 trillion – is undisputed. In the past five years alone, the number of U.S. issuers leapfrogged from 45 to 78 [1]. This growth, along with our deep knowledge of the ETF universe and fervent evangelism, led us …

ETF Trends on Demand Webcast: An ETF to Target Companies That Benefit from the Industry’s Growth

The exchange traded fund industry is still in the early years of its growth spurt, and investors who want to capitalize on the phenomenal expansion can look to a targeted ETF strategy to directly participate in the industry development. On the recent webcast (available On Demand for CE Credit), How to Capture Insights to the Growth …

ETFs: Passive Investment Vehicle Of Choice

The benefits of passive investing strategies have been well documented: lower fees, diversification, tax efficiency, clear investment discipline, and returns that track an index. Because ETFs have enjoyed exponential growth over the past decade – an average increase of 19.4% per year – investors have increasingly moved toward ETFs as their passive investment vehicle of …

City Wire USA: Confused by commodities? How to allocate to a market in flux

Investors are rethinking their commodity allocations after the asset class recorded both the best, and worst performance in the first quarter of 2017. Money has been pulled from the sector owing to slower growth in China, an unstable oil price and president Trump’s failure to deliver on pre-election inflationary rhetoric. ‘At Toroso we tend to …

How To Follow The Growth Of The ETF Industry

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The ETF Industry Ecosystem & Its Main Players

Michael Venuto, CIO, Toroso Investments, discusses the growth of the ETF industry at a Facebook live event in the NYSE.

NYSE: How To Undestand The Growth Of The ETF Industry: Key Indicators

Michael Venuto, CIO, Toroso Investments, discusses the growth of the ETF industry at a Facebook live event in the NYSE.

Market Watch: A major value fund mirrors a major growth one more than you may expect

In the current economic environment, should investors looking to beat the overall market employ a value-based strategy, favoring companies that are trading at a discount, or a growth one, looking at the names that have already been doing well? What if there’s less difference between the two than you might expect? As the broader market …

Bloomberg: Balchunas on ETF Bets for Financial M&A Activity

Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Eric Balchunas discusses two ETFs that may benefit if the asset management industry’s consolidation accelerates over the next few years (tickers: XLF, TETF, RYF). This is a daily ETF podcast from Bloomberg’s Catherine Cowdery. Read more  on Bloomberg

Institutional Investor: Passive, But Out of Control

When Mark Okada, co-founder and CIO at Highland Capital Management, saw news that index fund giant Vanguard Group’s inflows were larger than all other asset managers’ combined for the first quarter of 2016, he said he was worried. In December of last year alone, according to Morningstar, passively managed funds took in a record $50.8 …

Delving deeper into Bubbles: “Tracking the ETF Industry Growth”

With the NASDAQ at an all-time high, some analysts are warning of a tech bubble. With housing prices in some parts of the U.S. approaching pre-2008 levels1, some are concerned about a housing bubble. Likewise, with global ETF assets surpassing $3.8 trillion in April 2, some investors are speculating that accelerated growth is creating an ETF bubble. …

NYSE: Exchange Traded Fun

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Shining The Transparency Light On ETFs

Taking advantage of one of the greatest benefits of ETFs—transparency—can lead to some surprising discoveries.