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ETF Prism Report: Embracing Transparency

One of the greatest benefits of ETFs is transparency. However the fact that all investors can see the underlying holdings

ETF Prism Report: Embracing Transparency

In this ETF Prism Report we are talking about transparency, a essential topic in the industry.

You use ETFs, why not invest in them?

THE ETF ECOSYSTEM An ecosystem is more than a rainforest or a coral reef; an ecosystem comes to life anytime components interact with one another and with their environment. The ETF industry is a complex ecosystem of financial innovators and service providers who profit from the success of ETFs. As with any ecosystem, it’s illuminating …

The ETF Industry in the last 5 years

ETF Prism Report: Special 5 Years Anniversary Edition

ETF Prism Report: 5th Anniversary Special Edition

5 years in the ETF industry: Where are we going? 5 key growth indicators.

ETF.COM: How To Pick A Sector ETF

Sector investing is popular, and we’ve been hearing a lot about sector rotation opportunities in the face of changing correlations since President Trump’s victory last year. But as an investor, how do you know when it’s time to get in or out of a sector? How do you pick the best sector to be in? …

ETFA MAG: Do ETFs Cause Bubbles?

As U.S. stock markets have reached all-time highs some people are pointing the finger at exchange-traded funds, arguing that ETFs have caused this run-up because they have become so popular so quickly, and in the process have created a bubble waiting to burst. It is tempting to believe these bubble fears are true. After all, … What’s Next For 2 Other Bitcoin ETFs?

The Securities and Exchange Commission did not approve the first physical bitcoin ETF, the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust (COIN), after more than three years since the filing first entered the regulatory pipeline. In a 38-page statement released Friday, regulators cited concerns over bitcoin’s unregulated status, and the difficulty of preventing manipulation and providing oversight in this …

ETF Prism Report: ETF Bubbles: Separating Fact From Fiction

With US markets at all-time highs, many investors wonder if the massive growth of ETFs are perpetuating a bubble.

ETF Prism Report: The Marriage of ETFs and Bitcoins

ETFs and Bitcoins are both amazing Fintech evolutions… and a marriage/merger has been proposed. Three ETFs have been proposed: – Winkelvos: a grantor trust that uses their exchange to set price – Solidx: a similar ETF but includes insurance and less conflicted pricing source for index – Grayscale: will convert the current ETP into a …

Betting On Red: Building A Russian ETF Portfolio

Russia has been in the news in the past few years, and ETF investors owe it to themselves to take measure. We take a closer look at Russia—a big oil-producing country whose actions affect geopolitical stability, the price of oil and, if you believe it, even the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Whether you’re long or …

How to Invest in the Trump Economy

Investing based on the Trump administration is difficult because thus far all we know is rhetoric. However, many ETFs can be utilized to benefit from the areas he has commented on, like XLF for deregulation or IYM to play infrastructure. That said, many of these obvious sector ETFs have already advanced on the noise and …

Russia ETFs – Betting on Red?

Russia has obviously taken over the news. It is an issue that affects politics, geopolitical stability, the price of oil, hacking scandals and more. So what is the ETF investment perspective? On this report we are analyzing the ability to use ETFs to either get exposure to the long part of the Russia market, or be … ETF Fixed Income Solutions For The Future

November 2016 was a confusing month for most investors. The U.S. equity markets experienced a high-beta rally, which culminated in returns for the S&P 500 of more than 3.5%. That said, most investors endured very different returns due to intelligent diversification. The table below shows the returns for diversified asset classes in November 2016: Asset …