Why do Wealth Advisors Hate the Dow?

Last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow) made headlines for reaching all-time highs on both Monday and Tuesday. The implication is that the average investor is experiencing another spectacular year of returns. Unfortunately, the average global balanced portfolio is up about 1.8% even though the Dow is up 8.67%. In this week’s TETF.index update, …

Market Commentary Q4

Markets continued to rise across the board with little to no reaction to any negative news coming their way. Most major economies across the globe ended positive for 2017 with record low volatility. How low? We experienced 52 todays in 2017 where the VIX (a measure of volatility, or risk) closed below 10, which has …

3 Reasons why we think you should be following the ETF industry

1. GROWING INTEREST IN ETFs As of August 31, 2017 2. LONG TERM INDUSTRY GROWTH  “Global ETF AUM set to exceed $7 trillion by 2021”Over the last decade, AUM in the ETF space grew at an annualized 19.4%, and in 2016, the U.S. ETF industry recorded record inflows totaling $293 billion—the highest ever. PriceWaterHouseCoopers 3. …

ETFs: Passive Investment Vehicle Of Choice

The benefits of passive investing strategies have been well documented: lower fees, diversification, tax efficiency, clear investment discipline, and returns that track an index. Because ETFs have enjoyed exponential growth over the past decade – an average increase of 19.4% per year – investors have increasingly moved toward ETFs as their passive investment vehicle of …

The ETF Industry Ecosystem & Its Main Players

Michael Venuto, CIO, Toroso Investments, discusses the growth of the ETF industry at a Facebook live event in the NYSE.

Shining The Transparency Light On ETFs

Taking advantage of one of the greatest benefits of ETFs—transparency—can lead to some surprising discoveries.

ETF Prism Report: Embracing Transparency

One of the greatest benefits of ETFs is transparency. However the fact that all investors can see the underlying holdings

ETF Prism Report: Embracing Transparency

In this ETF Prism Report we are talking about transparency, a essential topic in the industry.

The ETF Industry in the last 5 years

ETF Prism Report: Special 5 Years Anniversary Edition

ETF Prism Report: 5th Anniversary Special Edition

5 years in the ETF industry: Where are we going? 5 key growth indicators.

ETF Prism Report: ETF Bubbles: Separating Fact From Fiction

With US markets at all-time highs, many investors wonder if the massive growth of ETFs are perpetuating a bubble.

ETF Prism Report: The Marriage of ETFs and Bitcoins

ETFs and Bitcoins are both amazing Fintech evolutions… and a marriage/merger has been proposed. Three ETFs have been proposed: – Winkelvos: a grantor trust that uses their exchange to set price – Solidx: a similar ETF but includes insurance and less conflicted pricing source for index – Grayscale: will convert the current ETP into a …

How to Invest in the Trump Economy

Investing based on the Trump administration is difficult because thus far all we know is rhetoric. However, many ETFs can be utilized to benefit from the areas he has commented on, like XLF for deregulation or IYM to play infrastructure. That said, many of these obvious sector ETFs have already advanced on the noise and …

Russia ETFs – Betting on Red?

Russia has obviously taken over the news. It is an issue that affects politics, geopolitical stability, the price of oil, hacking scandals and more. So what is the ETF investment perspective? On this report we are analyzing the ability to use ETFs to either get exposure to the long part of the Russia market, or be …

Do Fixed Income ETFs Really Behave Like Bonds?

CREATING AN INCOME BAR-BELL ETFs have democratized access to fixed income, but at the same time they also lost the two most important covenants of bonds: that it will have a maturity date and a consistent coupon/yield. Even worse, these products, as evidenced by the November 2016 performance, are still subject to duration risk. A …