Small Caps – What do you want to own?

Using ETFs to own small cap stocks can be a tricky proposition and requires investigative analysis to uncover what the investor truly owns. We find that small cap stocks, as an asset class, are generally unsuited for indexing since most indexation methodologies over-weight the largest companies. Read full research: Small Caps – What do you …

Juan Carlos Avila selected to Leadership Greater Chicago Fellows Class of 2014

Juan Carlos Avila was selected to Leadership Greater Chicago Fellows Class of 2014 for leadership in Chicago related to his work at Toroso and his civic engagement empowering Latinos through financial literacy and professional development. Read full press release

Juan Carlos Avila named to the YWCA Metropolitan Board of Directors

On June 17, 2013, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, one of the city’s oldest organizations dedicated to eliminating racism and empowering women, appointed Toroso Investments managing partner, Juan Carlos Avila, to its board of directors. Read original press release

REITs, Everybody Is In….and I Want Out

The valuations of many large publicly traded REITS  now appear to be unsustainable for some of the observations outlined in this commentary, including understanding of the fundamentals, the ETF effect, and non-US ownership. Read full research: REITs, Everybody Is In….and I Want Out  

MPT? No Thanks

Published in Financial Advisor Magazine in April 2013 Is modern portfolio theory dead? The principals at Toroso Investments LLC won’t go that far, but they do think MPT let down investors during the market pratfall of ’08-’09. And they believe they’ve constructed portfolios that more closely align with an investor’s risk tolerance and time horizon. …

Bond ETFs – Where Is the Income?

We examine the top 25 Fixed Income ETFs to unlock the net yield and then discuss alternative strategies to creating portfolios focused on yield. Read full research: Bond ETFs – Where Is the Income?

Scared Stockless: How Advisors Calm Jittery Clients

Published in in February 2013 … The tough conversations that dominated the advisor-client relationship during the 2007-2009 meltdown have not gone away. Far from it. Even though inflows into stock mutual funds and exchange-traded funds surged—finally—at the start of the year at the hands of suddenly bullish investors, advisors across the nation report what …

An Evening With Dr. Burton G. Malkiel

Celebrating Toroso’s Official Launch: Toroso Investments hosted “An Evening with Dr. Burton G. Malkiel” Presentation: Some Timeless and Timely Investment Lessons Event Photos Speaker: Dr. Burton G. Malkiel, Chemical Bank Chairman’s Professor of Economics at Princeton University Author of “A Random Walk Down Wall Street”, now in its 10th edition, having sold over 1.5 million …

5 crucial tips to help you save for retirement –

Published in on February 5, 2013 Common questions financial advisors are hearing nowadays are: “What’s going to happen in the market?” and “Will social security still be there when I retire?” but in reality nobody knows, says Juan Carlos Avila, managing director and partner of Toroso Investments. “The days of the pensions are going …


Published in on December 11, 2012 Three industry veterans have founded a New York-based investment advisory firm, called Toroso Investments. Larry Medin serves as its CEO, while Dan Carlson acts as CFO and Michael Venuto as CIO.