ETF Prism Report: The Marriage of ETFs and Bitcoins

ETFs and Bitcoins are both amazing Fintech evolutions… and a marriage/merger has been proposed.

Three ETFs have been proposed:
– Winkelvos: a grantor trust that uses their exchange to set price
– Solidx: a similar ETF but includes insurance and less conflicted pricing source for index
– Grayscale: will convert the current ETP into a open ended ETF structcture

We think that the odds of these ETFs being approved are 50/50, based on premium contraction of GBTC, historical ruling actions of the SEC and concerns about the grantor trust structure.

Are they a good investment?
We think they are a better investment for bitcoins than for ETFs, and better for longterm investors than traders.

Watch our commentary to decide wether to invest on Bitcoin ETFs or not…

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