Russia ETFs – Betting on Red?

Russia has obviously taken over the news. It is an issue that affects politics, geopolitical stability, the price of oil, hacking scandals and more.
So what is the ETF investment perspective?

On this report we are analyzing the ability to use ETFs to either get exposure to the long part of the Russia market, or be short on the market.
If you are long, is it a tactical bet? Does a strategic allocation require a combination of ETFs? What exposures are really there and what is the best mix of ETFs to get that exposure?

This time, we will work on the analysis on our software, which is the way we usually do portfolio reviews.
Join us to show you the way we look at ETFs and dissect what is really under the hood.

Find the ETFs that are exposed to the Russian market.

Search for overlap exposure on the ETFs that you find.

Compare tactical and strategic plays, and portfolio compositions, fundamentals, underlying securities, market cap and sectors.

Finalize the portfolio composition by considering all factors.

So even if you don’t want to invest in Russia, this process can be applied to the portfolio construction of other ETF models.

Learn here how to analyze ETFs and create your own smart beta portfolio.


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