Toroso’s smart beta approach to 401 k investing

By Michael Venuto
Toroso Investments
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In 2015, ETFs have continued to capture market share from mutual funds. But one area where mutual funds remain the dominant product choice is in 401(k) retirement accounts, and specifically in target-date funds.

Today nearly 75 percent of all new 401(k) assets are allocated to target-date funds that have average expense ratios of 0.84 percent, or $84 for each $10,000 invested, according to Morningstar’s 2014 research study. By the way, when 401(k)s using index funds are eliminated, and when you measure only active target-date funds, that average expense ratio jumps to 1.13 percent.

What’s more, 401(k) platforms charge other administrative fees that bring the average cost of a small 401(k) plan to 1.4 percent—and that’s without the inclusion of the cost of retaining a financial advisor or independent fiduciary.

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