These Gold ETFs Offer Smart New Ways To Invest — Quotes Mike Venuto on

Published in Investor’s Business Daily

Gold bugs cheered the metal’s sharp rise in October, as an interest rate hike this year looks less and less likely. For gold ETF investors, Wednesday brought some gloom as the Fed’s latest policy statement left interest rates unchanged but took on a more hawkish tone.

But no matter the price swings in the short term, Michael Venuto, CIO of Toroso Investments, isn’t giving up on gold anytime soon.

“I always maintain a gold position,” said Venuto, whose Toroso Newfound Tactical Allocation Fund invests in a handful of gold exchange-traded products.

He invests in gold for two primary purposes: inflation protection and a tail-risk hedge. “Gold will provide safety if there’s a negative macroeconomic event,” said Venuto.

That’s important to the typically wealthy investors in his tactical fund, whose “goal is wealth stabilization, stable low-risk return that outpaces inflation,” he said.

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